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Tax Planning: The Ultimate Time Saver

Sunny/ August 29, 2018/ Blog, Taxes/

As a small business owner, do taxes cause you anxiety come April? Tax planning may seem out of the question, but in reality there are many ways to make your tax filing easier by implementing a few small, pre-planning processes throughout the year. Being proactive can save time, and can also be a great tool for the financial planning of

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Retirement Planning After A Divorce

Sunny/ May 10, 2018/ Blog, Collaborative Divorce/

The division of assets is a major concern for both parties going through a divorce. Often times, partners work together towards common financial goals, but that doesn’t always mean the contributions are equal. One of the more cumbersome assets to divide in the course of a divorce are retirement savings accounts. This is for several reasons: usually this is the

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20 Tax Write Offs & Credits You Didn’t Know You Could Claim for 2017

Sunny/ January 30, 2018/ Blog, Taxes/

Filing your taxes can feel like a daunting task. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of information about rules, loopholes, penalties, deductions—most people would prefer to just get it over with, rather than sift through all of the possible deductions and credits that they could claim. In the end, this only amounts to greater losses for the individual,

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New Services

SAadmin2016/ April 1, 2016/ Blog/

Stampone & Associates is proud to offer new services to help our clients save money and sleep better at night! We have partnered with Griffiths Financial Services offering wealth management services. They are an independent, comprehensive wealth management firm located in Newtown, PA offering a full range of financial planning, tax planning, risk management as well as estate planning for

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