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Divorce Book Club

Sunny/ August 1, 2018/ Collaborative Divorce/

There is a wealth of information out there surrounding divorce. And while there are no shortage of self-help books to get you through the emotional hard times, we wanted to place a spotlight on those resources that focus on the practical, financial aspect of divorce. Below you will find our top picks for books focusing on the bottom line of

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Avoiding Bankruptcy After A Divorce

Sunny/ June 27, 2018/ Collaborative Divorce/

Divorce is a major financial challenge for any individual, regardless of their situation. In some cases, however, it can leave a person financially ruined- it’s not uncommon to hear of divorcées having to file for bankruptcy in an attempt to start over and recoup their losses. While your lawyer or financial advisor should be able to provide you with information

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CDFA: The Biggest Divorce Asset You’ve Never Heard Of

Sunny/ May 30, 2018/ Collaborative Divorce/

Have you heard the term CDFA before? No, not the California Department of Food & Agriculture… we’re talking about Certified Divorce Financial Analysts. A CDFA is one of the biggest assets you have never heard of, and quite possibly never knew you needed, in your legal separation. While the position is relatively new, it is an invaluable resource that can

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Retirement Planning After A Divorce

Sunny/ May 10, 2018/ Blog, Collaborative Divorce/

The division of assets is a major concern for both parties going through a divorce. Often times, partners work together towards common financial goals, but that doesn’t always mean the contributions are equal. One of the more cumbersome assets to divide in the course of a divorce are retirement savings accounts. This is for several reasons: usually this is the

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Collaborative Divorce Accounting

Sunny/ November 30, 2017/ Collaborative Divorce/

Divorce is a difficult time in any person’s life. In addition to the emotional stress of ending a marriage is the added strain of filing paperwork, separating assets and paying sometimes hefty legal fees. With divorce becoming a more regular occurrence, it’s no surprise that there is a rallying cry for a better way to handle divorce proceedings: and thus

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