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We’re On Your Team With A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

The best divorce representation requires a team: not only an expert attorney but also a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA). While your lawyer handles legal issues including child custody matters, your CDFA (forensic accountant or divorce accountant) compiles financial data to support your case and helps you make informed, unemotional decisions about your future. A Divorce Financial Analyst is not a replacement for your attorney, instead we work in concert with your law professional. If you'd like to know more, click here or contact us.

Your divorce attorney and CDFA work with you to achieve “fair and equitable,” not necessarily “equal,” distribution of assets. The objective is for you and your spouse to achieve a standard of living as close as possible to that established during your marriage.

To determine this standard, divorce accounting constructs a lifestyle analysis including financial statements, income tax returns, expense lists, credit reports, projections for post-divorce needs, earnings potential for both you and your spouse, etc. This provides transparency as well as the financial basis for your new life.

Your Divorce Financial Analyst At Work

Together, your divorce attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, as well as a therapist, life coach, or child psychologist in some cases, form a powerful collaborative team that works with you to achieve the most advantageous divorce settlement possible through rigorous planning and effective execution.

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Collaborative Divorce

Growing numbers of professionals now look to a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst for the financial reporting they need–net worth statements, affidavits, future projections, life style analyses, etc.–to support successful divorce settlements.

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